Lawn maintenance services offered to residential properties in northern Virginia cities.

Have Mason's maintain your lawn and landscape with mowing, plant trimming, yard cleanups, and much more.

Man on a standing mover cutting the lawn

Maintaining a lawn and landscape is not an easy task, particularly if you already have a full-time job and other time commitments. Instead of spending your spare time out mowing the lawn, let our company ensure your curb appeal is always maintained with our comprehensive lawn and landscape maintenance program.

We offer lawn mowing, yard cleanups, plant trimming, and many more services to residential homes in Warrenton, Haymarket, Gainesville, and the nearby cities in Virginia.

We always keep your grass at the ideal height.

With our lawn mowing services, we will work to always make sure your grass is kept at the ideal height. If you have an irrigation system, then we will mow weekly. If you do not have an irrigation system, we will provide weekly mowing during the growing season. Our growing season is typically from April 1 through Thanksgiving or the end of November. Each mowing visit includes:

  • String-trimming
  • Edging
  • Blowing grass clippings back into the lawn
  • Rotation of mowing patterns
Virginia backyard with lush lawn
Man pushing lawnmower near a pond in Virginia
Beautiful green lawn in Warrenton Virginia

Seasonal yard cleanups and leaf removal keep your yard looking immaculate all year long.

Residential landscape with plants and mulch near lawn

Available to all of our full-service customers, seasonal yard cleanups in the spring and fall are performed to clear away yard debris from your lawn and landscaping. We also reshape beds and pull any weeds. Spring cleanups are done in March or April, while fall cleanups are done in late October through December. These help to keep your yard look immaculate.

During a fall cleanup, we will remove leaves and clean gutters that are at a one-story height. If you need more leaf removal visits, we can visit you 3-4 times throughout the season.

We offer garden maintenance services, including weeding and trimming.

Our lawn maintenance experts will visit your property 10 times per season to provide professional garden maintenance services. These maintenance services include trimming and weeding to maintain a beautiful, manicured look for your garden throughout the growing season.

We are certified horticulturists with expertise in plant care and health to keep your lawn vivid and bright throughout the season

Landscape maintenance services include plant trimming, pruning, and mulch installation.

Your landscape beds need maintenance, too. We use our expert touch to keep them in pristine condition. From April through November, we will trim plants every month. If you need selective pruning, we can supply that service as well. Pruning is generally done once a year for the health of your plants, shrubs, and small trees up to 10 feet in height.

When it comes to mulch installation, we try to replenish twice a year—once in the spring for a fresh look during the growing season, and then in late fall for winter mulching which provides insulation for the soil and plants. Our mulch installation services are offered to our full-service customers.

Do your lawn and landscape need expert maintenance service?

Contact Mason's Lawn & Landscape for an estimate.

Serving all communities in northern Virginia, our experts offer lawn and landscape maintenance services to residential properties. If your home needs mowing, trimming, yard cleanups, and more, then contact our company today at (703) 594-4769 to get an estimate.

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